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The First Law Thermodynamics, and the net energy of the Universe

The first law of thermodynamics states energy can’t be newly created nor destroyed; so where did the universe come from? Did the origin of universe require a super natural explanation? New understanding of cosmology however shows, despite our intuitions, the net energy of universe is 0 and the whole universe could indeed come out of the “quantum foam” of nothingness, according to Stephen Hawkins and others. A brief overview of the implications of this dramatic new insight.

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The Nature of Energy Laws of Thermodynamics

The study of energy is called thermodynamics. Unlike Newton’s laws of motion, the laws of thermodynamics did not spring fully formed from one mind. Rather, these ideas emerged gradually from the work of many researchers, and it was only later that they were set down in the form we now know.

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Life’s Persistent Questions: Part 1

Where do we come from? Is there a purpose to life? Where did the universe come from? Below is a short write up on how a rationalist can approach these “life’s persistent questions” – about origins, meaning and destiny. This is not meant to change any one’s mind – as I am least interested in “evangelizing” what I think is true as I believe every person is intelligent enough to have their own ideas about life, cosmos, evolution etc. But I request you all to read the point of view of a rationalist. Unlike the explanation of a religious person, who can explain anything in 10 seconds by saying “that is what my holy book says”, a rationalist argument takes time to explain, but way more interesting and intellectually satisfying.

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